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Wisdom Consulting is a specialized advisory firm, which is providing services to support operations and selling processes in companies. We can support both the preparation and development of strategic actions and provide the required knowledge and methodology to improve the skills of the lower structures of client's staff.

Our main objective is to provide solutions designed to improve operations and processes through:
•    market development, representation and contract finalization,
•    internal audits and analysis of the surrounding environments,
•    benchmarking takes into account the major players in the market,
•    access to and implementation of the best methods and practices,
•    measurement and monitoring of indicators.

In our business model we identified five key business areas through which, as specialists, we provide a comprehensive service - designed to build a competitive advantage for our clients.

•    Business Development
•    Supply Chain Management
•    Operational Activities / Operational Management
•    Personnel Policy / Human Resource Management
•    Corporate Strategy

Fields of Wisdom Consulting activity

In each of these areas we offer tools and action methodologies prepared according to international standards based on gained experience. Solutions proposed by us are always hallmarked by pragmatism. We realistically evaluate internal and external environment of the client and then we propose solutions suitable to their strategy.
We provide our services for many companies from the European Union, Ukraine, China, Japan and South Korea.

Our main advantages are high quality, speed of action, flexibility, reliability and the preservation of secrecy. Our highlighting feature is an unconventional approach to the customer’s aim of obtaining maximum efficiency.